Business Credit Coaching Services

What is Business Credit?

Many people might not know that businesses need credit to function. Much like consumer credit, business credit is necessary for many day-to-day transactions. Without good business credit, a business might not be able to spend the money they need to produce their products. On the other hand, good business credit can give a company access to tens of thousands of dollars in business credit. 

Your business credit could impact everything, from what kind of loans you qualify for to your ability to pay your employees. Additionally, business credit can even determine where your business is located. Good credit can provide your business with a standalone store rather than a rented-out space in a strip mall. These factors make establishing good business credit crucial, whether you own a small or large business. 

Understanding business credit is easy; it functions similarly to consumer credit. The only significant difference is that it represents your credibility as a business rather than your personal credibility. Having business credit can be essential, as it separates your finances from your business’s. As long as your accounts are separate, if your personal credit starts to suffer, your business’s will not, and vice versa. 

Business credit is an extra layer of security between your business’s finances and your own. That way, you are still able to run your business if either start to incur debt. By having good business credit, you are ensuring positive financial relationships with creditors and other companies. Think about your credit as your business’s reputation to other entities, and suddenly, it begins to make sense why having good credit is so important. 


How is Business Credit Established?

Much like establishing consumer credit, there are a few steps to establishing your business credit.

1. Establish Your Business as an LLC or Corporation

You’re going to want to separate your finances from your business’s. Most business owners tend to establish their business as a corporation or LLC once they reach a certain income level. An incorporation not only protects your personal finances, but it can be essential in establishing business credit because it shows creditors you are serious about your business.

2. Create a Business Bank Account

To further protect your personal finances, you should set up a business bank account. By doing this, you are separating your business transactions from your own, streamlining your business, and saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

3. Shop Around for the Best Business Credit Card Provider

Business credit cards can be beneficial in some regards. They give business owners access to larger loans and more purchase freedom than a consumer credit card. However, one thing to keep in mind is that many business credit cards have higher interest rates than consumer cards. For this reason, it is imperative to make all of your payments on time, to prevent high interest and other complications.

If you want to learn more about establishing credit, I can help you find more information. Check out my page on establishing business credit if you’re interested; I would be happy to walk you through the process.

What is Business Credit Coaching?

Business credit coaching makes improving your business’s credit a breeze. Whether you’re struggling with bad credit or extreme debt, our credit coaching services can help improve your business’s finances. Our business credit coaching services can even help your business establish its first credit account, allowing you to start with an effective financial plan. 

Even if you’re not struggling with debt or other financial issues, you can still benefit from business credit coaching. Learning from our expert-level coaching can help your business account eliminate debt and add entries that positively affect your credit. 

By walking you and your business through the process of improving credit, business credit coaching is helpful for small and big companies. Because of its hands-on approach to business credit repair, most businesses reach out to business credit coaches for help, if needed.

Why Do I Need a Business Credit Coach?

If you’re a business owner struggling to find time to work on your business finances, it might not hurt to give my services a try. Creating a financial plan for your business is essential to its success. If you aren’t properly planning out your business’s finances, it could lead to further problems for your company down the road. 

My services can help to mediate those potential problems. I can help you identify issues, saving you precious time and money along the way. I can also help raise bad credit scores with my personalized approach to business credit coaching. If you’re struggling to balance finances with running your business, no worries. I can provide valuable insight into your company’s finance, all while improving it. 

Having a business credit coach is like having a second set of eyes on your business’s finances. If you’re having trouble keeping track of expenses and purchases, I can help by looking at your business account. My services will eliminate those unwanted purchases in no time.

How Can Shamika Saves Help?

On your own, it can be hard to determine the best ways to fix your business’s credit. With expert help, however, you can grow your business credit to new heights. Shamika Saves can help you with your business credit coaching needs. 

Our quality customer care sets us apart from other credit specialists, as we work hard to meet and exceed all of our client’s needs. By scheduling a consultation with me, you can learn the best ways to improve your business’s credit, improving your overall success and output. 

Business coaching services allow me to take a good look at your business’s finances, which gives me a clearer picture of what issues are interfering with your business. By having a closer look at your business’s credit, I can help you eliminate negative items from your business bank account, allowing you to make positive ones instead. My services will set you up with the tools you need to improve or establish your business’s credit successfully. 

Suppose you need full business credit, no worries. I can set you up with my business consultation services, as well, where I will break down your business’s credit issues and walk you through improving them. Credit is difficult to repair on your own, but you might be one step closer to good credit with my help. 

Want to Find Out More?

My services are available year-round to businesses and clients in need. I can help you improve your credit, eliminate debt, create a business budget, and more. My comprehensive services can help your business break free of debt and soar to new heights. Second chances might be hard to come by in the world of credit and debt collection, but I can help your business get the second chance it deserves.

Call me today at (254) 702-5426 or use my online contact form so we can get started on improving your business’s credit. By setting up a consultation with me, we can begin discussing your business and seeing how we can get you excellent business credit. Have a question that you would rather have answered through email? Please send it to I look forward to hearing from you soon!