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Seeking great credit repair consultation in Melbourne FL and other surrounding areas in the Space Coast? Have bad credit and no idea where to start in repairing it? Then you should talk to Shamika at Shamika Saves. She has spent years studying credit, understanding the ins and outs of repairing it, as well as the rights you possess when you are in debt.

When it comes to credit repair in Melbourne FL and the Space Coast area there is no one better as a consult than Shamika at Shamka Saves. She can get you on a path and a plan for building your credit score back up to a level where you will no longer have to be concerned about it.

Tired of debt collectors calling you at all hours of the day and night? Want to get collection agents off your back? Of course you do. Nobody likes being in debt and no one likes the feeling of a low credit score. It makes everything you want to accomplish in life harder.

At Shamika Saves, I can help you take your credit score and flip it back towards a good score. I can help you understand what lifestyle changes you need to make, what your plan should be to getting back in the realm of good credit, and why you should never let yourself be harassed by debt collectors.

I offer consultation appointments for anyone that is seeking out a way to improve their credit. Let Shamika Saves credit repair consultation program get you back on track towards great credit.

What Is A Credit Repair Consultation?

Credit repair consultation is when you are at a point where your credit feels out of control and you need help. You have debt collectors calling you every day. Credit cards decline when you try to buy groceries and you can’t rent an apartment without an insanely high deposit, or they choose someone with better credit over you. If you are in this situation and are tired of letting your credit take over every aspect of your life then come to Shamika Saves seeking credit repair consultation. I can help you.

During a consultation appointment what I can do for you is sit down and analyze your situation. If you are in a great amount of debt and are seeking a way to get out of debt so you can improve your credit then I can help you set up a plan for that. I can give you advice on the best practices for changing your life so you can make dents in your debt.

If you are not in debt, but you are struggling to raise your credit score to a level that you find acceptable, then I can help you with that as well. Maybe you declared bankruptcy recently, or you had to take out a huge medical loan, whatever the reason you are sitting in poor credit standing my consultation can help you climb out of it.

The first, and for many the most difficult step, is admitting that you need help with your credit. That is okay. Everyone needs help sometimes and Shamika Saves is here to provide you the credit repair consultation you need for that help.

Why You Need Good Credit?

One of the reasons you need great credit is because a lot of everyday life dictates your credit. Your credit will impact the interest rates on your insurance because it is seen as a sign of how reliable you are. The interest rate on your car payments will increase exponentially if you have bad credit and purchasing a home can feel impossible because of the extra costs associated with receiving a mortgage loan. Some banks will not even give you a mortgage loan if your credit is at a certain standing. When you have good to great credit you can avoid this.

What should I do?

If you want good credit and are not sure where to start then you can always schedule a credit repair consultation. At Shamika Saves we can look at your specific situation and figure out what the best plan to put you on so you can take your credit and change it from bad to good and then from good to great.

Where should I start?

You receive one free credit report a year. Once you schedule a credit repair consultation you should identify your credit score before you come in. Also, attempt to identify what your current debts are. Debt does extreme damage to your credit score and simply paying that off can cause a significant improvement in your credit score, but until you pay that debt off it will continue to act as an anchor on your credit score.

How long will it take me to fix my credit score?

This will vary from person to person. If you have a bankruptcy on your name for example then that will not leave you for at least seven years. If you have a missed payment that reached collectors on your name that will also be on your credit report for seven years. Of course, there are ways to improve your credit score to a 700+ even with that on your file it just may take time. Luckily as you make payments, as you pay off bills, eventually your overall score, as well as years of not letting a payment reach collectors, will improve your standing in the eyes of credit.

Shamika, These Debt Collectors Won’t Stop Calling Me. What Can I Do?

If you are in a situation where debt collectors refuse to stop calling you then the most important thing to do is know your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law that was passed by the federal government to protect you from unfair debt collection practice acts. The act covers when collectors are allowed to contact you, how they are allowed to contact you, and if they contact you what they are allowed to say to you.

When can they contact me?

Debt collectors cannot contact you during times considered unusual. From 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. they can contact you and can only contact you outside those times if you agree to it which you should never do.

Can they contact me at work?

They can contact you at work, but if you tell them that they are inconveniencing you then they are no longer allowed to contact you at work. This is especially true of anyone that works in an industry like teaching or the medical field where taking a call during the day would actively harm you during your job. When they call they also can not tell your employer who they are or why they are calling. They can only ask to speak with you.

Is there a way to not talk to them at all?

There is. If you have a lawyer then the debt collector must make all contact about your debts through them once they have been informed of your lawyer.

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Tired of living with poor credit? Tired of debt collectors harassing you? Are you tired of having high-interest rates? Then set up a credit repair consultation and I can help you get on a path towards excellent credit.

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