Real Estate Financial Advice

Financial Real Estate Advice

Buying, selling, or renting a home in Melbourne, FL can be difficult. There are so many realtors and advisors that simply researching your needs might be overwhelming. Are you seeking out a licensed realtor who you can trust to provide insight into not only the housing markets, but how a home could impact you financially? Then Shamika Saves is who you should call.

Real Estate Financial Advice

Shamika Saves is where Shamika gives clients financial advice to get them back on their feet in a world that isn’t always so kind. Credit repair, bankruptcy, and filing taxes are all services that Shamika provides assistance in. 

Not only is she a great advisor that can help with your credit, she is also a realtor who knows her way around the real estate industry here in Melbourne, FL. As a licensed realtor, she is also completely capable of helping you purchase, sell, or rent a home. This comes with the added benefit that she can look at your financial situation and point you towards a home that is not only reasonable within your budget, but will be beneficial towards you financially. 

Buying and selling a home is a big step for anyone in any part of their life. Whether you are buying your first home, moving into something bigger, or downsizing into something smaller, it’s always a massive step with significant financial benefits and/or consequences.

Then there are those of us who just need to rent a home. Sometimes it’s due to cost and other times it’s because renting is a more reasonable option. At Shamika Saves, as a licensed realtor, I can explain all the benefits of each while also taking you to the location if you wish.

Real Estate and Finacial Guidance

Not only this, but I can provide property management services for those of you renting out homes to others. At Shamika Saves, you will be able to important guidance for any real estate venture in Melbourne, FL, such as:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling a home
  • Renting
  • Property Management
  • Realtor Advice

So come to Shamika Saves. It’s your one stop shop for all financial advice questions you may have. Especially in the world of real estate. Buying or selling a home is complicated. Finding the right place to rent is difficult. 

However, if you play your cards right with your real estate investments then there is an opportunity to make money from your real estate situation. If you have questions about how you can do this then give Shamika a call at 254-702-5426. You can also send her a question using her online contact form. Let Shamika Saves lead you to a better financial situation. The world is unfair and we don’t know nearly enough about how it all works financially. She is here to provide guidance on this. 

Did you know that you can make money off your real estate and you don’t even need to be a house flipper? There are plenty of opportunities for this in Melbourne, FL! For many they do not see their home as a way to earn money. This is where they live, sleep, and eat. Not a form of income. Which is how it should be the majority of the time, but what about those times where it will soon no longer be your home?

Have you ever moved and then rented out your former home, or sold it and then used the income you made to help pay for the new home? By doing this you have already turned your home into financial income. Now what if you sold or rented a home with the intention of making money?

This is another venture that Shamika is able to help with! She can explain to you all the necessary details for how to make a profit off of your home.

Selling a House for Profit

This situation doesn’t apply to everyone, but there are many people that are not taking advantage of their homes when they sell it. Especially when they’re transitioning to a similar sized house but in a different location.

If you handle your house properly when selling it you can take that home and use it to pay off other finances that you may be dealing with. Do you have student loans that just won’t go away? Debts to your name that if you just had one big sale you might be able to free yourself from? Using your home as a way to pay these off is not impossible.

To do so you need to ensure that your home has the potential to make enough money to do to this. For that you’ll need financial guidance. At Shamika Saves I can offer you that guidance on how you may be able to turn the money you make from selling your house into a huge gain.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just selling the house and then pocketing the money. Moving itself can be expensive and I’ll work through you with that to be certain that this is a venture that will prove to be profitable.

Real Estate Financial Advice At Shamika Saves

Maybe you don’t want to make a profit from your home. You’re just looking to find a place to live that will make you happy. There is nothing wrong with wanting your home to stay a home and not wanting it to be any more complicated than that, but you should still make sure that the homes you are looking at are financially viable to you.

At Shamika Saves I am here to provide financial Real Estate advice to help smooth this process out. As a licensed realtor, I am used to helping people find the homes they need within their budget. This also gives me special insight into the market that you may be entering. Many people want to sell their home but try to bide their time until the market is good, but what if it’s as good as it’s going to get? I can potentially give you advice on that exact scenario.

What I do at Shamika Saves is ensure that you are fully knowledgable on everything that is happening in the world of Real Estate. I give you the advice that other financial institutions and real estate developers will not give.

Check out Shamika Sells

Does all this sound great, but what you really are in need of is someone that is going to help you sell and/or buy a house? If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent that is going to represent your best interests at heart then check out Shamika Sells.

Shamika Saves is all about your finances, but Shamika Sells is where Shamika specializes in the real estate market. Come to Shamika Saves to learn about how selling or buying a home will help or hurt you financially. Go to Shamika Sells to buy or sell that house. You can contact Shamika about making her your real estate agent on her contact page at Shamika Sells or by giving her a call at 407-930-9570.

Real Estate Financial Advice