About Shamika

Shamika is a Florida native, a proud Army Veteran, and is dedicated to helping clients live their best lives! As a resident of Brevard County for 10 years, Shamika decided to pursue her true passion for helping others improve their financial health. Shamika is a top credit repair specialist expert in personal & business credit. She can not only help fix credit issues but can also help her clients achieve their homeownership dreams! At Shamika Saves, She believes this will be your one-stop-shop for information related to credit building products, credit repair, and finance tips.

Why Use A Credit Repair Service In Brevard County, FL?

As a consumer, you can try to repair your own credit. There are countless tools available. The problem with fixing your own reputation is that you may not be fully aware of the rules of the Equal Credit Reporting Act and the regulations of Equal, and how to use them to your advantage. It can be difficult to grasp how the different things in your credit file impact your score and where to get started for the best outcome.

Save Time
When you want to manage the task of repairing your reputation on your own then you may need to hire an attorney, which could be costly. A lower credit score means higher interest rates on bank loans , mortgages, car loans, and a credit card. Higher interest rates mean higher fees, and higher insurance premiums. The earlier you get assistance from a reliable credit repair company, the quicker your credit score can increase, and assist in lowering interest rates. Through using a qualified credit repair company’s services, you’ll find it easier to accomplish your target at an affordable rate.

Repairing Credit The Right Way
Proper credit repair takes patience and dedication from both parties. Although some companies may offer shorter turnarounds, credit repairs can take between three months and a year on average, depending on the complexity of your situation. Remember, not everything can be removed. Credit bureaus are very specific about the information that can be deleted from a report, like late or missed payments, charge-offs, and collections. Still, you must remember that these marks can only be removed if they can be verified as inaccurate. Lastly, you’ve got to be doing some legwork. Although credit repair companies will give you all the paperwork you need to negotiate with both creditors to credit departments, you do need to provide them with some accounts and documentation records so they can dispute potential errors.

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