Credit Coaching for Success

credit repair brevard county flCredit coaching will help you fix bad credit and keep good credit. If you find yourself with bad credit, it is crucial that you get it fixed as soon as you can. Unfortunately, fixing your credit can seem difficult at times. Years of debt, credit card bills, and a looming credit score can make escape feel impossible. The truth is, sometimes all you need is a little coaching. 
At Shamika Saves, I provide credit coaching to help you raise your score and make life changes. This will put you back on the path towards a high credit score. If you are in Melbourne, FL and in need of credit coaching services, you can count on me.
Not enough people know about their credit, how it works, or what they can do to improve their score. It can be very confusing for people who do not have professional experience with credit. For all they know it’s a magical number, assigned to them with no meaning. Credit affects your ability to buy a home, rent an apartment, get a car loan, or make any kind of large-scale purchase.
You do not have to stay in the dark with your credit. Here at Shamika Saves, I can coach you to live a better credit lifestyle. This will put you on the path towards a better financial future and lead to lead to major benefits down the line. Lower interest, better credit cards, and faster lending are all possible with a great credit score.
Are you in need of a Melbourne, FL credit coach? Contact me today! I look forward to helping you get your credit back to normal.

What Is Credit Coaching?

You may be wondering what a credit coach is and how one can help you. A credit coach is someone who will guide you through the entire credit process. At Shamika Saves I am your credit coach. I will show you the ways of credit. You will learn how to raise your score, keep it at a sustainable level, and what it requires in your life. When we work together to raise your credit score, you will learn how important credit is and how you keep it up.
Like any coach, I can only do so much. When we work together, it is important that you are willing and ready to learn how to improve your credit score. While I teach and plan, you need to execute those plans and make them work. I am here to teach you, but you must be a willing learner.
As we go through my coaching you will learn the best practices of finance. This includes how a credit card can help you, what kind of debt is good debt, and how your credit score impacts your life. 
Don’t go another moment without understanding your credit. Allow me to be your coach so you can better understand your credit and also understand your finances. The two go hand in hand together after all.

What Is Credit?

Credit is, as the name says, how much credit you have to your name in paying off debts, loans, and bills. Every car or mortgage payment, credit card bill, and loan payment affects your credit. On-time payments improve your score, while late payments hurt your credit score.
It’s obvious that good credit is good for you and bad credit is bad, but how is this shown? It’s shown through two methods- your credit score and your credit report. Though similar, they are distinct from one another.

Credit Report vs. Credit Score

Credit Coaching 
Any debts sent to collections, late payments, or missed payments go on your credit report. Once reported, they stay on your credit report for at least seven years. They remain even after paying them off. Credit reports give anyone that looks into your credit history a full picture. There are currently 3 credit reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.
Your credit score is more of a quick look into your credit history. Based on your credit history, you receive a score that anyone looking into your credit can view. The higher your score the better your credit and the lower your score the worse your credit is. This is a very quick look at your credit.
Credit Coaching helps you understand the difference between your credit report and credit score. You will also learn how you can use them to your advantage. It’s worth noting that a missed bill on your credit report does not mean that you will never qualify for a loan.

How Your Credit Affects You

Your credit will have the most impact on you when it involves large purchases. Examples include car loans or mortgages. But there are many other examples where your credit report or score plays a part in your life. As a credit coach, I can not only teach you about this but what it will mean for you.

Purchasing or Renting a home

One of the most common reasons for a credit check is when you are attempting to buy or rent a home. Your home will likely come with a large mortgage, or a lease agreement to pay rent.
Unless you’re paying cash, buying a home means signing a mortgage agreement. If your credit report is full of late charges and you have a low credit score, you may struggle to get approved. If you do get approved, you’ll likely pay a very high interest rate. High interest adds up over time and can cost thousands.
If you are renting in a competitive location, you will likely lose out to someone with a better credit score.
If these are problems for you or will be in the future, call me for credit coaching. I will help you improve your credit, keeping your interest rates low and your approval rate high.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be great and help you improve your credit score. This happens by keeping your credit ratio low and paying your bill on time. As you continue to pay off your bills on time your credit score will rise. 
If you apply for a credit card with poor credit, you will have heavy interest rates or may not qualify at all. Credit coaching will teach you the best practices for using a credit card. With my support, you will learn to turn those credit payments into a positive for you.

Contact Me

I am here to be your credit coach. Whether you understand credit but need to get back on track or you have no idea what credit is, I will help you. Give me a call or use my online contact page. At Shamika Saves we are here to help you.